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Prof.ssa Rosaria Rinaldi
qualifica: Professore Ordinario
telefono: 0832298203
fax: 0832298238
stanza: Bp11
homepage: -

Ross Rinaldi graduated in Physics at the University of Bari (Italy) on July 1991. During her Phd she worked on the optical and electronic properties of semiconductor quantum wires. She joined the group of Prof.J.Ryan at Clarendon Laboratory of Oxford (U.K) for resonant Raman spectroscopy and time resolved spectroscopy experiments performed on Quantum Wire heterostructures in 1992 and 1993. She joined the group of Prof.Klitzing at Max Planck Institute of Stuttgard for resonat spectroscopy measurements on quantum wires heterostructures in 1992. She got her PhD in 1994. From 1994 she has been working at the Material Science Department of University of Lecce, where she build up the facility for the fabrication of low dimensional structures and photonic structures based on patterned materials. She set up the holographic photolithograpy apparatus and started a new reserch activity based on the scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopy of the realized low dimensional structures and devices. In May 1997 she was appointed lecturer in Condensed Matter Physics at the Material Science Department of the University of Lecce. In 1998 R.R. started a new research activity for the realization of optical devices and laser based on self-organized InGaAs quantum dots grown by MOCVD. She joined the new Departement of Innovative Engineering (DIE) at the University of Lecce in 1999. She set up the new laboratory of UHV Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy at cryogeninc temperatures at DIE. In January 2001 she was appointed Professor in Condensed Matter Physics at the department of Innovative Engineering of the University of Lecce. In 2001 she set up a Clean-Room for advanced nanoprocessing of materials and realization of nanostructures based on Electron Beam Lithography, Galvanic Electrodeposition of metals and Soft Lithographies. In the mean time she opened a new research line on nano-biotecnology and nano-bio-electronics. In 2002 she set up a small biology laboratory to handle proteins, DNA and cells. She is responsible of the "NEW QUANTUM SYSTEMS" laboratory at DIE and "NANO-BIO-ELECTRONICS" division at the NNL-INFM-Lecce. The research lines running within both the laboratory and the division represent most of the seeding activity of the Nantional facility lab. NNL. She coordinates the activity of a research staff of about 23 people, including 2 researchers, 3 post docs, 10 Phd students, 5 graduated students with contracts, 3 under graduated students and 2 technicians.

Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Innovazione - Complesso Ecotekne - edificio “Corpo O” - Via per Monteroni - 73100 Lecce (Italia)
fax. +39 0832 297733 - p.iva 00646640755 - c.f. 80008870752