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Graphics and Architectures Software (GSA) is a research field in the collaborative computer graphics and service oriented software architectures.

It promotes primary and industrial research projects, apprenticeships, university degree thesis and PhD in the collaborative technologies for the computer graphics, virtual communities, service oriented communication architectures. It accommodates didactic activities and academic training for the software engineering and computer graphics courses.

The research topics are:

  • the computer graphics:
    • software architectures for 3D collaborative graphic systems;
    • configuration techniques for collaborative graphic systems;
    • static and dynamic representation languages of collaborative virtual environments;
  • service oriented architectures:
    • synchronous and asynchronous communication middleware for service oriented architectures;
    • multi-channel languages and transport system for service oriented architectures;
    • scalable, reliable, available and secure service oriented architectures;
  • the interactive applications:
    • virtual community and “social computing”;
    • systems oriented to increase the industrial spinneret productivity (transport, textile, clothing, furniture, etc.);
    • multi-device interactive applications based on sensor networks (for the freight, cultural goods, habitat monitoring, etc.).

The GSA-Lab (area reference laboratory) gives the needed support to the experimentation and research on previous topics, supplying proper infrastructures to obtain the didactic and scientific aims.

The GSA-Lab develops experimental and innovative software prototypes through design techniques of software engineering and design patterns that offer consolidated effectiveness.

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research responsible:

Skills vai su

In the following are reported the skills provided by the research group in terms of professional training, design aid, project proposal, consulting, etc...

Professional Training

  1. Design of software architecture with UML;
  2. Scheduling of software development process with “agile” techniques (XP, SCRUM);
  3. Design of software system for the web with UML;
  4. Development of software prototypes in J2EE / J2ME environments;
  5. Software testing techniques;
  6. Reliable, reusable and extensible design solutions for recurrent problems (design pattern);
  7. Open source tools for development, testing, configuration management and software release;
  8. Development of distributed application and service oriented architecture (SOA);
  9. Design of 3D collaborative graphic applications and innovative interaction mode;
  10. Geometric transformations and rendering algorithms;
  11. Light-material interaction models. Ray-tracing. Radiosity. Photon tracing. No photorealistic Rendering;
  12. Open source graphic engine (OpenGL) and virtual communities.


  1. Graphic applications. Interactive applications. Multi-channel and mobile web systems. Informative systems;
  2. Virtual communities. Social computing. Web 2.0;
  3. Service oriented architectures. Synchronous and asynchronous communication middleware;
  4. Integration systems oriented to increase the industrial spinneret productivity (transport, textile, clothing, furniture, etc.);
  5. Multi-device interactive applications based on sensor networks (for the freight, cultural goods, habitat monitoring, etc.).

Research themes for collaborations

  1. Software architectures for 3D collaborative multi-channel graphic systems;
  2. Description languages of collaborative virtual environments;
  3. Configuration techniques of collaborative graphic systems and virtual communities;
  4. Multi-channel and multi-modal transport systems and languages for service oriented architectures;
  5. Multi-device interactive applications based on sensor networks.

Analysis, characterization, testing and calibration services

  1. Usability and quality analysis of web, graphic and multi-channel applications;
  2. Analysis and reengineering of web application and informative systems.

Department of Engineering for Innovation - Campus University Ecotekne, Via per Monteroni - 73100 Lecce (Italia)
fax. +39 0832 297733 - p.iva 00646640755 - c.f. 80008870752