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People Skills

The research area fits in the field of structural engineering, mainly focusing on civil constructions. Several topics are of interest of this research area, ranging from the structural design of new constructions to the upgrading and assessment of existing structures. In this context, the research activity of the group is devoted to the use of advanced materials and technologies for structural applications (new constructions, existing infrastructures and historical heritage) in relation to the safety, serviceability and durability aspects. The research work, was/is carried out within the framework of projects and activities in partnership with industries and public institutions. The experimental activity of the group is focused in the development and study of innovative strengthening techniques for concrete and masonry structures and in mechanical behaviour of advanced construction materials. In the recent years the use of waste materials (as waste tyres) in the construction industry has been also investigated.
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research responsible:

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In the following are reported the skills provided by the research group in terms of professional training, design aid, project proposal, consulting, etc...

Professional Training

  • Design of reinforced concrete structures
  • Design of steel structures
  • Design of masonry structures
  • Design of timber structures
  • Repair and upgrading of existing structures
  • Material testing and structural assessment of structural elements
  • Structural monitoring
  • Analysis of structural damage in existing buildings
  • Technical guidelines and codes (EUROCODES – Italian Code – International guidelines)

The research group contributes to the training of Ph.D candidates in Materials and Structures Engineering.

International Seminars and Workshop are promoted in the field of structural problems in civil engineering.


The team furnishes technical consultancy on:

  • Strengthening and/or upgrading of historical construction
  • Advanced problems of structural design for concrete, prestressed concrete, steel, masonry and glulam timber structures
  • Seismic design of structures and vulnerability analysis of existing constructions
  • Testing on construction materials and structural elements

Research themes for collaborations

The research activities are focused on:

1. Restoration and/or upgrading of concrete and masonry structural element with Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP). In particular the main topics regard:
• Interface analysis between reinforcement and substrate varying several key parameters: bonded length, mechanical properties of substrate, kind of reinforcement, substrate curvature, environmental condition, etc.
• The tension stiffening effect of concrete element reinforced with FRP rebars;
• The structural behavior of statically determinate and redundant bending element reinforced with FRP material
• The confinement of masonry columns with FRP sheet
• The seismic upgrading of FRP reinforced masonry panels
• The structural behavior under seismic forces of FRP reinforced beam-columns connection
• The ductile behavior of reinforced concrete element subject to compression and combined compressive and bending stress
• The environmental behavior of FRP reinforced concrete structures
• The use of FRP materials on lamella wood structures

2. Structural behaviour of fiber- reinforced concrete (FRC) in ordinary and aggressive environmental conditions.
• Analysis of the use of short steel and synthetic fibres embedded in concrete for applications in tunnel linings
• The use of recycled steel fiber as reinforcement for concrete matrix
• Long term behavior of FRC structural elements under aggressive environment.
• Analysis of mechanical and durability performances of natural fiber reinforced mortars.

3. Seismic vulnerability analysis of masonry existing structures

4. Buckling of hybrid laminates and sandwich panels with composite laminated faces

Analysis, characterization, testing and calibration services

• Mechanical characterization of hardened concrete: compression test, tension (splitting and flexural) test and evaluation of the elastic modulus.
• Mechanical characterization of steel bars: tensile test, bending test.
• Mechanical characterization of (tensile, compressive, flexural and shear strength) on masonry blocks and units made with natural stone, bricks, concrete, etc.
• Tensile test on metallic and non-metallic materials
• Load test on existing structures
• Non-destructive test and monitoring on existing structures
• Mechanical tests on beams, slabs, walls

Department of Engineering for Innovation - Campus University Ecotekne, Via per Monteroni - 73100 Lecce (Italia)
fax. +39 0832 297733 - p.iva 00646640755 - c.f. 80008870752