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The field of Applied Mechanics in accordance with the ministerial declaration ( art. 1 of ministerial decree 23/12/1999 and attachment B of ministerial decree 04/10/2001 ) includes the following scientific content:

This field includes the cultural and professional aspects regarding the study of mechanical systems by means of methods in theoretical mechanics. The machine types studied are wide-ranging , however, extensive reference is given to machines which range from gas turbines, pumps, compressors, mechanical devices and automatic machines to robotic systems and vehicles, and biomechanical systems. Specifically, both the analysis and synthesis of the mechanical behavior of the afore-mentioned systems are studied. Analysis deals with the modeling, simulation, regulation, and control of those machines while synthesis aims at their functional design. Special emphasis is placed on the study of the vibrational and tribological phenomena of the machines. There is a strict relationship with the methods and algorithms developed in the fields of Mechanics and Machine Design , Industrial Engineering, and Fluid dynamics.

The Applied Mechanics research group at the University of Salento focuses particular attention on the following areas

1.Processing of dynamic signals (transient and steady state) in order to identify behaviours of physical models and/or human-physiology.

2.Detection of structural damage using numerical and experimental approaches performed on the modal parameters of the system (natural frequencies, vibration modes and special vibration signals according to the case study). These are advanced techniques of non destructive control and they can include diagnostic and monitoring activities.

3.Identification of material and geometrical properties of uncertain parameters within mechanical systems by comparing experimental data with results obtained through an analytical model. The main area of interest is the Mechanics of vibration.

4.Modelling (static and dynamic) of structural multi layered elements of composite materials (truss, planes and shells) using analytical (closed-form, Galerkin, Ritz etc.) and numerical (finite element and finite difference) approaches.

5.Analysis, validation, and modelling of dynamic systems (control techniques for pneumatic and mechatronics systems, vehicle dynamics).

6.Development of software and hardware for the measurement and numerical processing of numerical and experimental data in the previous sectors and implementation of classical and innovative numerical processing methods.

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In the following are reported the skills provided by the research group in terms of professional training, design aid, project proposal, consulting, etc...

Professional Training

  1. Education
  2. Literacy in the field of Mechanics of vibration
  3. Laboratory experiments in the field of dynamic measurements of vibration
  4. Analysis of the main measurement chains in the field of modal and vibration analysis
  5. Techniques in data acquisition using acquisition boards
  6. Techniques in experimental data processing
  7. Implementation of algorithms for vibration analysis
  8. Analytical modeling regarding the study of vibrations in discrete and continuous systems.


  1. Measurement of the modal signature of mechanical systems
  2. Analysis and design of intelligent systems for measurement, monitoring and diagnostics
  3. Measurement of elastic and damping properties of mechanical systems by means of dynamic measurements
  4. Analysis and simulations of mechanical systems by means of numeric and analytical techniques
  5. Development of customized software and hardware

for further information and details, and also to request published materials please contact the research group coordinator: Prof. Ing. Arcangelo Messina, Universitą del Salento, Facoltą di Ingegneria, Dipartimento di Ing. dell'Innovazione: Edificio O, Via per Monteroni, 73100-Lecce, T 0832 297 801, F 0832 297 802, E

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Analysis, characterization, testing and calibration services


Department of Engineering for Innovation - Campus University Ecotekne, Via per Monteroni - 73100 Lecce (Italia)
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