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The Energy and Environment Research Center is a research group at the University of Lecce under the leadership of prof. ing. Domenico Laforgia. The CREA activities are related to a wide range of fields such as applied thermodynamics, fluid dynamic, combustion, industrial processes and many others. The action of the group include fundamental research and modeling of basic flow phenomena by combining experimental, theoretical and numerical approaches. The fields of interest include modeling of diesel and spark ignition engines, optimization of internal combustion engines, designing of injection systems, combustion analysis of alternative fuels, reduction of pollutant emissions, development of hybrid electric powertrains, industrial processes.
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research responsible:
  • Dott.ssa Presicce Dominique Sara
  • Ing. Pollini Massimiliano
  • Ing. Perago Alessandro
  • Ing. Giuffrida Antonio

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In the following are reported the skills provided by the research group in terms of professional training, design aid, project proposal, consulting, etc...

Professional Training

The CREA group is responsible for more than twenty lecture courses at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Salento covering the following topics: - Fluid Mechanics - Applied Thermodynamics - Heat and Mass Transfer - Heat Exchanger - Lighting Engineering - Direct and reverse thermodynamic cycles - Heating and cooling of buildings - Cooling of electronic equipment - Conventional and combined power plants - Steam generation - Energetics - Renewable energy - Energy infrastructures - Industrial applications of energy - Acoustic - Modeling, control and design of power plants - Laboratory of mechanical measures - Fluid machines: fans,turbo compressors,turbo pumps,turbines, positive displacement machines - Choice, design and control of machines - Internal combustion engines - Aeronautic and automotive propulsion systems - Hydraulic systems and hydraulic transmissions - Industrial safety rules - Pollutions control


List of CREA facilities 1) Spray and combustion laboratory Numerical and experimental evaluation of compression ignition and spark ignition internal combustion engines, design of innovative injection systems and optimized combustion chambers, , transparent single cylinder diesel engine, endoscopic system for combustion visualization and soot measures, measurements of engine emissions 2) Fluid dynamic laboratory Development and numerical models and experimental validation, numerical simulation of industrial flows, theoretic and experimental investigation on turbulent flows and two-phase flows. 3) Laboratory of engines and turbines Development of dual fuel combustion systems, design and development of low-emissions, high-efficiency propulsion systems 4) Laboratory of power-operated machines Optimization of the performance of power-operated machines with two phase flows. 5) Laboratory of mechanical and thermal measures Laser measurement techniques applied to industrial problems 6) Laboratory of aerospace and aeronautic propulsion Numerical and experimental investigations on internal flows in propulsion systems with a focus on turbulence and combustion processes. 7) Laboratory of thermo-energetics Heat transfer in single phase and two phase flows. Efficiency of refrigerating systems. Acoustic measures. Renewable energy. Measure of thermodynamic characteristic of materials. Active Collaborations ELASIS- Centro Alimentazione Motori ľ Bari Centro Ricerche FIAT di Orbassano BOSCH Gmbh Tecnologie Diesel Italia DELPHI CENTRO LASER Volkswagen CVIT - Bosch Isotta Fraschini CMD Centro Ricerche ENEA di Frascati University of Wisconsin Princeton University

Research themes for collaborations

The fields of interest include modeling of diesel and spark ignition engines, optimization of internal combustion engines, designing of injection systems, combustion analysis of alternative fuels, reduction of pollutant emissions, development of hybrid electric powertrains, industrial processes - Numerical Simulation of Sprays and Combustion processes for Internal Combustion Engines - Development of models: Atomization models,Drop Collision Models, Effect of Fuel Density Changes in the KIVA3V code,Effect of Low Temperature Kinetics on Engines Modeling. - Development of High-Order Accurate Numerical Schemes for Turbulent Compressible Flow, - Calculations in Aerodynamics, Numerical Study of Turbulent Compressible Flows Past Oscillating Airfoils, Numerical Study Of Aeroelastic Problems In Turbomachinery - Numerical Simulation Of Fluid Jets And Droplets, Numerical Simulation Of Real Gas Flows In Turbomachines - Application to Direct Injection Diesel engines: Effect of Combustion Chambers Geometry, Optimization of The Combustion Chamber Geometry of a Direct Injection Diesel Engine - Evaluation of Engine Performances by means of 1-D and 3-D models - Optimization of engine maps to reduce emissions, fuel consumption and noise levels - Experimental and numerical investigation on innovative injection strategies - Thermo-Fluid-Dynamic Investigation of a Gears Quenching Process inside a Furnace - Modeling Of Particles Motions And Gas Phase Interaction - Physical-Behaviour Model and Numerical Simulation of Cereals Extrusion Process - Numerical Simulations of the Fluid dynamic and Thermal Behavior of a Drier - High Speed Ferry Stabilizer Wings Hydrodynamic Analysis - Study of an Oil-Air Heat Exchanger - CFD Simulation of Smoke Growth owing to Fire in Hospitals - A Plan for the Noise Pollution Removal in Lecce

Analysis, characterization, testing and calibration services

Automatic acquisition system for engine emissions (Indimeter) Digital delay generators Optical Research engine Dicom 4000 AVL Oscilloscope 1GHz High speed camera Engine Videoscope Spray granulometry measures with Malvern Work Station Octane 2 Dynamometer Didactic module for hydraulic turbines (Pelton and Francis) Analogic-Digial convertes by National Instruments PCs with pentium and Atlon AMG Facilities for dynamic measures of pressure Didactic module for centrifugal pumps Didactic module for positive displacement pumps Didactic module for centrifugal and axial fans Subsonic wind tunnel Pneumatic didactic module Setup for PIV, LDA and PDPA ND:YAG-DYE Laser High pressure constant volume vessel for spray and combustion measures WATEK 505-EX (Imaq NI) Kodak Motion corder analyzer super 10k Noise measurement system Temperature measurement system Sistema di misura per il rilevamento delle temperature Intensity Modulator

Department of Engineering for Innovation - Campus University Ecotekne, Via per Monteroni - 73100 Lecce (Italia)
fax. +39 0832 297733 - p.iva 00646640755 - c.f. 80008870752