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Manufacturing and Production Systems is a research area in the fields of industrial technology and production processes. In recent years, the increasing importance of aspects such as quality in production processes and products and the competitiveness of companies have pushed both in industry and in academia to ever greater attention towards issues related to technologies and processing systems. Within these themes, the research group "Manufacturing and Production Systems- Department of Innovation Engineering of the University of Lecce - performs teaching and research activities with particular attention to the field of materials processing, manufacturing systems management and robotics.
People vai su

research responsible:
  • ing. Spagnolo Alessandro  (Fellow researcher)
  • ing. Gabriele Papadia  (Researcher)
  • ing. Caricato Pierpaolo  (Fellow researcher)
  • ing. Zacchino Sandro  (Fellow researcher)
  • ing. Di Noi Angelo  (Fellow researcher)
  • D'Errico Leonardo  (Technician)
  • ing. De Vitis Antonio  (Fellow researcher)
  • ing. Alfredo Elia  (Ph.D Student)
  • ing. Arigliano Anna  (Ph.D Student)
  • ing. Gianfreda Doriana  (Fellow researcher)

Skills vai su

In the following are reported the skills provided by the research group in terms of professional training, design aid, project proposal, consulting, etc...

Professional Training

Manufacturing, Quality Management in Industry, Plastic deformation, Robotized Manufacturing Processes, Integrated Production Systems, Production planning methods and models


  1. Simulation and configuration of manufacturing systems
  2. Scheduling and optimization of industrial plants
  3. FEM simulation of forming processes

Research themes for collaborations

  1. new approaches for monitoring quality characteristics which are related to geometric features
  2. manufacturing system optimization under uncertain conditions
  3. short-term scheduling of operations in manufacturing system
  4. Design of Flexible Production Systems - Methodologies and Tools

Analysis, characterization, testing and calibration services


Department of Engineering for Innovation - Campus University Ecotekne, Via per Monteroni - 73100 Lecce (Italia)
fax. +39 0832 297733 - p.iva 00646640755 - c.f. 80008870752