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Main focus of the sector's researches is the theme of Internetworking (level three after the old OSI - Open Systems Interconnection - model, the Internet IP level in today's practice). Following the original definition motivations, researches are centered on the use of open and interoperable standards. From this point of view, a natural convergence between the sector work and the open source movement can be observed.

Such convergence brought to an active participation of the sector lab (LIIS - Laboratorio per l'Internetworking e l'Interoperabilità tra i Sistemi) in the works of the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) and to the signature of an Internet Standard (RFC 2961).

While concentrated around the internetworking theme, the sector's researches have been expanded to include the application level, primarily the satellite distance learning field, where the satellite internetworking study results are employed to enhance the applications made possible by this powerful medium.

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research responsible:
  • Dario Pellegrino  (Eng., Collaborator)
  • Totaro Salvatore  (Eng., Collaborator)

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In the following are reported the skills provided by the research group in terms of professional training, design aid, project proposal, consulting, etc...

Professional Training

The sector can provide training and teaching on the following themes: Internetworking - Internet Quality of Service - Internet Mobility - Satellite Internetworking - Applications of satellite to the transmission of multimedia data - Satellite Distance Learning - MAN Design - Multicast networks design - Internet Security - Open Source Operating Systems - MacOS X - Routers and Internetworking devices design


As a sample of the sector expertise and experiences, the following contracts can be mentioned:
  1. Law 598/94, art. 11 – “Interventi per il trasferimento tecnologico”, project title: “Assembly of a prototype of a satellite and terrestrial router with extended applicative functionalities and software update via satellite multicast”
  2. Project "Completion and Enhancement of the Satellite Distance Learning Center of the University of Lecce" funded by the Ministry of Education and University within the "Programma Operativo Nazionale" 2000-2006 “Ricerca Scientifica, Sviluppo Tecnologico, Alta Formazione” (see
  3. Project "LAND-LAB" (responsible for the ICT part) funded by the Ministry of Education and University within the "Programma Operativo Nazionale" 2000-2006 “Ricerca Scientifica, Sviluppo Tecnologico, Alta Formazione” (see;
  4. POP Puglia 2000-2006 - “BDT - Banca Dati Tossicologica del suolo e dei prodotti derivati”
  5. European Space Agency (ESA) - ARTES Element 3 Line 1 Theme 12 “Near term sustainable integrated applications using satcom in the fixed sector”– ITT AO/1-4171/01/NL/DS, titolo del progetto: “ESMEE: Earth and Space Multimedia systems - Enhancements and Extensions”
  6. Research contract with Alenia S.p.A within the project "EuroSkyWay - G/S Supporting System Analyses for ESA ARTE 3 CCN Phase 2.2”, titolo del progetto: “HB6/DVB-RCS”, WP: “IP Mobility for HB6”
  7. Research contract with ST Microelectronics: “Protocols for new generation all-IP Wireless Networks”, WP: “Mobile IP router”

Research themes for collaborations

  • Internet Quality of Service
  • Internet Mobility: enhancements of Mobile IP protocols to reduce hand-off intervals
  • Satellite datacast and satellite signaling protocols (SRDP and SRDP-Sig)
  • Multimedia databases ( - -
  • Satellite Distance Learning (Campus Satellitare del Salento -

Analysis, characterization, testing and calibration services


Department of Engineering for Innovation - Campus University Ecotekne, Via per Monteroni - 73100 Lecce (Italia)
fax. +39 0832 297733 - p.iva 00646640755 - c.f. 80008870752