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Prof. Marco Panareo
assignment: Associate Professor
phone: 0832297487
fax: 0832297279
room: 2nd floor, 'La Stecca' building
homepage: homepage

Prof. Panareo carries out its research activities mainly in the high-energy physics, dealing with new development of particle detectors, electronics and data acquisition systems used in this field of study. Currently working with the ARGO experiment at Yangbajing Cosmic Ray Laboratory in Lhasa (Tibet-China), which studies the origin of cosmic gamma rays with energy greater than 100GeV and the phenomenon of gamma ray bursts, also coordinates the Lecce group of the MEG experiment at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Zurich (Switzerland), whose objective is the search for a particular decay of the muon that is not provided by the standard model of elementary particles, and finally worked EEE experiment that aims to develop in Italy a network for the detection of cosmic rays in collaboration with italian High Schools.

Department of Engineering for Innovation - Campus University Ecotekne, Via per Monteroni - 73100 Lecce (Italia)
fax. +39 0832 297733 - p.iva 00646640755 - c.f. 80008870752